Valletta Pageant of the Seas – Valletta European Capital of Culture 2018

During Valletta Pagaent of the Seas, a major event part of the Valletta European Capital of Culture Celebrations, Port Logistics Operations managed the marine operation in the port liaising with the artistic director Mario Philip Azzopardi, the Production Manager Antoine Farrugia, and the Spanish crew involved with the central show produced by LA FURA DES BAUS, an internationally renowned event producer.

Photo credit: Viktor Vella

One of the major events was the VALLETTA PAGEANT OF THE SEAS, during which, the Grand Harbour was turned into a stage for spectacular events involving coordination between various port authorities, public entities and hundreds of volunteers, international artists, craftsmen, technicians and most important seamen in all major capacities.

Cooperation, timing, efficiency and expertise were essential for the success of this festival which took two years to organise and prepare. I am extremely glad to say that all went well, and the night proved to be a success as reported in international media all over Europe.

An integral part of this success was Mr. Lewis Baldacchino and his crew at Port Logistics Operations.

PLO kept excellent communication with me as the artistic director throughout the preproduction process, the actual operation, and postproduction dismantling procedures, and successfully met the very demanding and extraordinarily complicated technical requirements needed in this unique endeavour. They came through with flying colours.

Mr Baldacchino managed his crew and worked hard to meet my requirements. He valiantly supported and strongly believed in my artistic vision, which was the reason for our great success in creating an incredibly unique show both from the technical marine aspect as well as the visual aspect. The reviews attest to this.

Without the great seamanship of PLO’s crew, as well as their ship shape and well-eqipped launches, we would not have succeeded. I look forward to working with PLO crew again and I proudly endorse their talent and professionalism.

Mario Philip Azzopardi

Artistic Director, Valletta 2018 - European Capital of Culture