Port Logistics Operations (PLO) Ltd announced that it is ditching single-use PET plastic bottles and opting for refillable bottles in its operations. This green initiative will avoid the consumption of around 30,000 plastic bottles that would have ended up as recycled waste.

PLO’s managing director, Capt. Noel Galea said that removing plastic water bottles from the company equals less waste and less cost. It also means increased sustainability, a substantial environmental impact, and better alignment with the corporate social responsibility expected from companies today.

“Working at sea, we witness the terrible impact plastic products have on our marine environment. Our initiative is rooted in providing sustainable options for our employees while strengthening our commitment to minimise our environmental footprint.”

Employing 60 persons, Port Logistics Operations used to order an average of two pallets of PET plastic bottles every month. Distributing two refillable bottles to each employee and installing refilling stations at each of the pilot stations reduced drastically the waste generated by the company.

Capt. Galea emphasised that “when a company stops using plastic water bottles, they’re also halting the need for production, packaging, and transportation for delivery, all of which takes significant amounts of energy and resources. On the surface, it may seem like a small effort, but enough of these types of initiatives can create meaningful change.”