We offer conveyance services in both offshore (outside territorial waters) and inshore waters. The services include: crew changes (up to 24 persons), personnel transfers, delivery of provisions, stores, ship spare parts (up to 35 Tonnes), medical supplies, transportation of injured crew members, underwater inspections, filming services, cargo sampling, garbage disposal, transportation of cargo additives in IBCs, transfers of mooring masters etc.

With over many years of experience, we have established ourselves as the fastest and most reliable service reaching the Hurd Bank area (12 nm off the Maltese coast) in less than an hour. We operate six small motor launches  and two 36m RINA classed Supply Vessels with prospects to develop our fleet further. The company employs 30 experienced and fully qualified personnel.

We provide a 24/7 service all year round.

Delivery of Provisions (in bulk or in Pallets)

We are able to transport over 100 pallets (euro pallet) and bulky provisions to any vessel from shore directly to the vessel. This operation can be carried out with PLO coordinating directly with the supplier / agent for a quick smooth turnaround.

Lubrication oil transportation in drums

Our supply vessels can handle over 120 luboil drums of 200 litres (44 gallons) each and same can be coordinated by us from initial loading of luboil on board the launch to delivery to the vessel whether outside port or territorial waters.

Crew Changes / Personnel Transfer

Our motor launches and supply vessels are specifically designed to transport persons to and from ships. We can take up to 24 persons. Crew changes can be effected at anchorage areas around Malta / outside territorial waters more than 12nm or also underway.

Deliver Ship Spare Parts

We can deliver a variety of ships spares and parts safely to any vessel. Our largest supply vessel can take up to 200 Tonnes in weight.

Medical Supply / Personnel

Our motor launches can handle any disembarkation of injured crew members from any area as well as supply / delivery of any medical supplies or embarkation of paramedics directly on board.

Port Services

Includes transferring of cargo/bunker surveyors from vessel to bunker barges, supply of painting barge to vessels in port, assistance given to other small craft such as towing or leading vessels in.

Garbage Disposal

We have a license and necessary permits to collect garbage from vessels at anchorage area or outside territorial waters. The garbage is then handed over to a licensed waste disposal service provider. On every garbage collection, an official receipt is issued to the vessel according to MARPOL regulations (Annex 5).

Film / Movie Support Services

We can accommodate film and movie crew together with their equipment for any related recording and filming.

Mooring Masters Transfers

Mooring masters can be also transferred to and from shore to any vessel around Malta for STS operations.

Cargo Samplings

Our service includes picking up any surveyor/inspector from berth or office, transfer to the vessel and waiting alongside until completion of cargo sampling and disembarkation so as to provide a quick return of the samples for laboratory analysis.

All the above mentioned services can be offered outside ports between 3/5nm or outside territorial waters i.e. >12 nautical miles.